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October 16, 2017

Hello! Giving is Beautiful


Warawan Tiengtham

'Because we can't choose to be born. but choose to be the giver'

Being a volunteer for social work in a remote area reflects the lack of quality of life of the less fortunate people.

Educational opportunities for Por Wanchan Thiengtham that are difficult to overlook or do not lend a helping hand.

It became the beginning of giving for society by establishing 'Happy Heart Foundation'

Foundation)' to make everyone happy to give without expecting anything in return.

As a result, the hearts of the giver and receiver are joyful and full of happiness.

from the belief that the foundation is the most important in creating quality for society

is to develop education for young people that can further enhance their potential in life

Therefore, the Happy Heart Foundation under the supervision of Khun Po has the main mission of requesting to be a part of building a person.

Quality staff and able to live their lives with full potential through the foundation's educational support to 4Schools in Chiang Rai and Prachuap Khiri Khan

Why is it called 'Breaking Heart'?

“Because we are not specific to education alone, the goal

Our first thing is to solve the problem of being deceived into prostitution in Bangkok. or whereverwhich, if he received a basic education, he would be able to take care of his family in the first place

So I don't want to name only about education. Po therefore came to look at the happiness of both the giver and the receiver.

Po once gave his stuff away. see him happy Two years later, Por met him again.

He also used the things that Por gave him. On that day he was overjoyed, he couldn't speak, he couldn't explain, but he burst into tears.

Uh...why are my tears flowing? Because I'm really happy

The happiness that made Po's heart rejoice, didn't want anything in return. So I intended to name it as 'Happy Heart Foundation' better"

Major problems and obstacles in going to remote areas are...

“First of all, language. Children on the mountain are hill tribes, including Akha and many other tribes. Therefore, translators are required.

Which are tribal people, and then there is the director of the school, so to speak. The second obstacle is distance and travel.

We really have to travel to see the children on the mountain. which the road is not easy to go Some are along the border.

But we continued to strive until the end.”

What are the projects of the Happy Heart Foundation?

“One...a scholarship program. Every month there is a scholarship for each child.

Recently, the foundation has two scholarships for children to study for a bachelor's degree. Two...Lunch Project I have seen children bring food to school, some people only have one egg. half for breakfast the other half had lunch seeing it makes us have to do something that allows children to eat all five food groups. Therefore, there is a lunch program.

This goes in line with the sufficiency economy project that Por has set up at the school, which is for students to grow their own vegetables.

And if there is any left over, sell it to generate income or take it back to your parents at their own home. It teaches them everything.

Teach children to understand that if we don't take care of them He must be able to live by himself.”

Nowadays, I don't just see Khun Po working for the foundation. Only in a spiral of determination, But we still see her volunteer spirit and going to other provinces to help people suffering from natural disasters in many times, “If we can give him a chance, Po thinks he should give.

At least I can help a part of the society, even if it's a small part.”

Wanchan Thiengtham, CEO ALKA PLUS CO., LTD and President of the Happy Heart Foundation

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