Scholarship Program

Scholarship program

No matter what they want to be when they grow up – an engineer, a doctor or even a teacher! Happy Heart Foundation has a strong desire to support diligent, but indigent, students to follow their dreams by achieving their education for a brighter future. The foundation follows well-behaved and diligent students’academic records throughout their scholarship program closely.

To honour our undergraduate scholarship supporters, the Foundation named the five scholarships as follows;

    • DatoMazlan Scholarship
    • Murjani Scholarship
    • Toranavikrai Scholarship
    • Dr.PramoteRattakul Scholarship
    • SukonratBhurivatana Scholarship

The foundation also hopes to extend our undergraduate scholarships as much as we can. Moreover, we firmly believe that giving without profit willing inspires the scholarship-granted students to submit our best wishes from generation to generation subsequently.
For more information on becoming a scholarship supporter, please call 095-901 9955