Food For Thought Program

Food for thought

In addition to education, we find that having enough food to eat will help our children to have a healthy mind. This is where the ‘Food for Thought’ program was created. Having enough nutrition will result in better learning and once they have enough food they will have a healthy mind for learning. Food for Thought program is divided into 2 main sections;

• Lunch Project : This is following the King’s Sufficiency Economy Philosophy, believing that we all should have
enough food to eat. Enough food not to go to waste and enough to feed all. Children learn to grow their own vegetables and raise chickens to keep their eggs. They will then sell them to the school for providing lunch to the school children at lower than the market’s price. The money they received, return back to their next choice of vegetable seeds for growing them and sell them to the school again. This will help them to learn
about basic business skill and also as a first hand experience farmer! We make sure that this lunch project provides nutritious food for our children and lunch is served everyday with quality food.

• Fruit Project : Not only we help them to provide enough food for lunch, Happy Heart foundation also provide        
our school children with a piece of fruit everyday. This is to enhance them with additional vitamins that they may not receive enough or none from home. Healthy children produces healthy learning !